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Through many years of experience in the construction field and with the seriousness that governs us, in an attempt to keep our high level in craftsmanship, we cooperate with reliable supplying companies of exquisite quality in all construction phases. Nowadays, renovation is a tough but several times necessary decision, which is accompanied by agitation, difficult coordination among multiple crews and, mainly, an indubitable final cost and quality of construction.

Our company responsibly undertakes any kind of renovation in residences or business premises with the following specifications:

  • preset time delivery,

  • private contract and determination of the project’s renovation terms,

  • fixed and satisfactory renovation cost,

  • construction with quality materials by known brands,

  • cooperation with the customer, up to the final stage, in the selection of materials and construction plans,

  • possibility of band lending from reputable banks with flexible financial programs

The projects undertaken include:

  • Earthworks

  • Electrical projects

  • Plumbing (water supply, drainage, sanitary works, heating, natural gas)

  • Carpentry (kitchen, wardrobe, security doors and interior doors)

  • Aluminium - Glass constructions

  • Ironworks, railings

  • Concreting, building and plastering projects

  • Wooden floors

  • Stainless steel constructions

  • Marbles - Stone - Tiles

  • Insulation (heat insulation, soundproofing, waterproofing)

  • Painting projects

  • Plaster casts (ceilings, partitions)

  • Industrial - Epoxy floors

  • Automatic doors (shutters, garage doors)

  • Fireplaces

  • Roofs, Pergolas

  • Electronics (cameras, alarms, satellite programs)

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to schedule a visit to your premises and discuss the matter, providing you with valuable information and our offer.

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