Technical Construction Company Baltas - Ktenas - Koumoutseas

The Technical Construction company Baltas - Ktenas - Koumoutseas ( kmkbuildings ), is a dynamic developing building business group, active in the construction of luxury houses, maisonettes and commercial real estate since 1960.

Our vision is the continuous development of our company, by creating high quality projects, durable over time,, with respect to the environment and the people who trust us, with an exquisite configuration and functionality of spaces, as well as services of high quality from the issuance of the building permit to the completion of the project.

In the company’s website, you can see completed projects, as well as properties under construction for sale or lease.

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Later on, Baltas Konstantinos with his partner Papachristos Konstantinos organized over time a group of companies, which excelled in aesthetics, high quality and safety of constructions. . With several projects, mainly in the northern suburbs, they dedicated their passion and love to their work, achieving comprehensive proposals and solutions to meet the needs for modern houses and workplaces.

Nowadays, Ktenas John (Ioannis) and Koumoutseas Eleftherios constitute the natural continuation of the business operations started by Konstantinos Baltas, where his experience combined with the modern concepts and knowledge of new technologies that accompany the new partners, guarantee for the further development of this family business, with quality, modern construction, aesthetics and respect for the natural environment as their main concern.

Technical Construction company Baltas - Ktenas - Koumoutseas


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